Last updated : 8 months ago

We consider every intellectual properties valuable. We also consider that every image that is uploaded to our server is considred as copyright-free, and uploaded by the original copyright owner. We also do our best to remove any copyrighted materials from our server, and to comply with any possible copyright infringement by:

- Preventing duplicate images submitted by anonymous, and registered users.

- Assuring that every user who has the right to upload to our server is verified, and agrees to our terms of use.

- Making sure that we deem every uploaded material is the original work of the uploader, or has the right.

- Using the fingerprint hash code specific to each image to prevent reported & copyrighted images.

- Making a report system to find possible infringements.

However, as It is very complicated process to validate the source of the image uploaded by the user we may fail to detect the infringement. If you happen to be the copyright owner of the material uploaded to our server, you may fill out the report form here. You may send us a DMCA report to

Please aware that we are not responsible for any inringement, and all the faults caused by the misuse of our service considred as responsibitilies of the original uploader.